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Borosilicate 4.2 Glass

Borosilicate 4.2 Glass

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Borosilicate 4.2 Glass Sheet

Borosilicate 4.2 glass sheet in 1150*850mm

Borosilicate 4.2 glass, also called borosilicate fire-resistant glass, is a kind of outstanding material and this glass have a wide range of safety application. They can be used as gauge glass, sight glass, and single or insulating glass and meet different protection requirements.


Outstanding fire-resistant properties

High ability to withstand thermal shock

Excellent chemical stabolity

High transmittance

Lighter wight, higher ruggedness

Meet all kinds of processing requirements

Nickel-supplied crystals don’t form



Processing sight glass and gauge glass

Glass facades

Glass partitions

Doors and windows

Smoke screen


Borosilicate 4.2 Glass Sheet