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Borosilicate 4.2 Glass

Borosilicate 4.2 Glass

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Borosilicate 4.2 Step Glass

Borosilicate 4.2 Step glass used as fire window

Borosilicate 4.2 step glass is made by borosilicate glass sheet with coefficient of thermal expansion 4.2. This material have higher CTE than borosilicate 3.3 and can be totally tempered. The heat resistance and pressure resistance are also better.

We can process any size and shape according to customers requirements. Some round step glass will need a groove, which require very high processing technology and we have mature processing technology now. Apart from that, all face polishing can also be realized.

Specification of Borosilicate 4.2 Step glass

Size: customized according to drawing.

Shape: round, square and customized shape.

Thickness: 1-50mm.

Edge: polishing and grinding.

Technology: both tempered and not tempered available.


Application of Borosilicate 4.2 Step sight glass

Sight glass

Glass for oven and fireplace

Lamp cover